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What Are the Benefits of Knuckle Push-Ups?

There are many variations to the traditional push-up, each designed to work your body differently. In the knuckle push-up, you assume the basic push-up position, bringing your hands on the floor below your shoulders; they should be a bit closer in than with regular push-ups. Instead of using a flat hand on the floor, make a fist and balance on your knuckles. Popular with martial artists and boxers, this type of push-up works your arms, wrists and shoulders in a different way than traditional push-ups.


Knuckle push-ups require you to hold your wrist straight instead of bent. This puts more pressure on the wrist to help it support the weight of your body, making your wrists stronger. This helps keep you from breaking your wrist if you fall; when you break your fall with your hand, a weak wrist can snap easily. Strong wrists also are essential in fighting sports. Landing hard punches or off-center punches can sprain your wrist if the muscles aren't powerful.