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Outreach Coordinator
Teaches at St. Michaels
Contact Gwyne - 269-352-2513

Gwyneth Kramer

Instructor -
1st Don - Taekwondo
1st Dan - Tatsu Te Ryu Karate-do

            Jesus has always been my friend, from the still small voice I heard as a child to the present. My family only visited my grandparents church for the holidays, but the influence of Sunday school teachers and VBS programs made a huge impact upon my life. After I experienced my parents divorce, I also learned I had an older sister, who was a member of the Seventh-day Adventist church. She witnessed to my father, and in turn I now faithfully attend the PPAC church family in Paw Paw, MI.  It's been a blessing to be a member there for the past 20 years, and to have regular worship with my husband and three children. I have served God there leading out in song service or singing for special music, serving as a deaconess, serving as women's ministries leader, as well as other capacities over the years. Because of our faith, we also chose to home school. So needing a place for godly exercise and discipline we were lead to join the Dojos of the Risen Son program up at TLC.  We were so grateful for the encouragement our son received that we decided to press on over the next 5 years.  Today, our oldest son is a junior black belt, our next child, a daughter, is also a junior black belt, and our youngest son is progressing in that direction.  

            I am grateful to have begun learning myself when our youngest joined in the fall of 2016.  At that time, he needed assistance to learn the martial art, and I was intrigued with the sport as well.  Watching the forms my children learned reminded me of dance, which I've always enjoyed. I watched the other women and girls enjoy the sport, and I saw how strong they were, and I wanted that for myself, too. I could've stopped once my youngest son grew to an age he could enjoy the class on his own, but the encouragement I received from all the Sensei's in class reminded me to persevere and see what was ahead.  In these three years since I joined, I have enjoyed learning this martial art, and look up to many others before me in their perseverance and love for the sport. 

            It's been a wonderful journey, as I've not only learned that Tae Kwon Do is a defensive martial art, but its also boundless. I now see how earning a black belt isn't a means to an end, but just the beginning. I've also learned so much about myself, how I struggle, just like everyone else to persevere when I feel like giving up. I've learned that what I thought I couldn't do, is not only possible, but fun and rewarding. I've learned to grow stronger in my faith, in studying and memorizing scripture that pertains to our study. I know there is much more out there for me to learn, and to be able to serve God by teaching this sport is an honor and a privilege.

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