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Digital/Social Media Coordinator

Teaches at Voyage

Contact Daniel at 269-823-4124

Daniel Napp

Head Instructor -
2nd Dan - Taekwondo
3rd Dan - Tatsu Te Ryu Karate-do

I think like a lot of young guys, shoot it up, bang it up and have fun at the same time! My first opportunity to get involved in something that allowed for such things was martial arts. I first became interested in it after watching several action films from the 80’s and 90’s. There are two particular martial artists that I look up to, Chuck Norris and Jackie Chan. I took my first martial arts class when I was 12 years old, in the art of “American Eagle Kung Fu” and I would have stuck with that style if our sensei hadn’t been called into the mission field. My interest for martial arts did not subside but unfortunately I was unable to find another dojo that taught martial arts from a Christian perspective.

                  Several years later I met Sensei Bond and Sensei Brooks. These two men were part of a vacation bible school at our church. I had a chance to talk with the two of them and after hearing what they said and seeing what they taught, my fire for the arts was rekindled. It was soon afterwards that I then joined “Dojos of the Risen Son.” Martial arts can be a great way to either stay healthy or get healthy. It teaches one discipline, self-control, strength, confidence, and mental clarity which funnel into the security of being capable of defending against an assailant. Quite simply put; it builds high levels of integrity and character, allowing one to transform their life physically and spiritually.

                  I was raised in a Christian family and accepted God as my Savior at a young age. I have always enjoyed hearing and learning new things about God’s word as he reveals them to us. As I took on all that the “Dojos of the Risen Son” had to offer, I found that not only could I have personal time to study God’s word but I could put it into action in a literal and spiritual sense as well, both inside and outside of the class. I have come to a deeper understanding to how His Word relates to us in all aspects of our being. Studying God’s word truly provides inspiration to train and study harder, without the insertion of all the world-view ideas that go along with traditional martial arts, particularly with the worship of Buddha. On top of this, it helps to train your mind with scripture, as this is part of your belt ranking. As my passion for martial arts has grown, so has my progress within it; so much so that I have been blessed with the opportunity of teaching other students now. Through this teaching, I am able to then incorporate the knowledge I have gained about heaven and earth as well as God and martial arts.

My overall take on martial arts is simple, yet deep. Martial arts in many ways, is like water; which is one of the softest elements on earth. It flows and moves around its target, which can appear to be of little consequence. However, when enough of it is used in the right way, it can shape and even move mountains. It is the same with God’s word. We want to know and study it until it flows in every part of us. With true faith, we can live and breathe it in. This, coupled with our will aligning to God’s will, we too can move mountains.

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